Trans Violence Against Women

When Pricks with Penises Punch Women!

When considering who are currently the nastiest, most vicious people in the Western World, it can easily be argued it’s not the Proud Boys nor the contestants on most reality television shows. It’s those whom I’m newly dubbing Trans Identity Terrorists [TITS] as they continue to threaten the lives of women daring to question their pathological ideology.  

For example, look at how author J.K. Rowling was abused for saying thoughtfully and kindly that women should have their own spaces and need not be exposed to unwanted penises. Along with, the horror, the horror, of suggesting that biological sex is real.  

“I wish you a very nice pipebomb in mailbox” Sam (Egocom Arc) @queerqegaard

What a charming and so very enlightened tweet. And there were many, many more where that came from.

Also, to those who say you heard Rowling is an evil, raging, transphobic witch, I challenge you to find a single thing that the writer of Hary Potter has written or said that could confirm that accusation.


TERFS has become a derogatory word used by TITS.

It means Trans-Exclusive Radical Feminists. And, essentially, they are women who think that, no matter what they may say, those born with penises are not women. And that the Trans Identity Terrorists are effectively attempting to deconstruct the idea of a woman until women no longer exist.

Their philosophy is known as Gender Critical Feminism. Meaning a woman is defined by her physical sex, not by the constructed gender roles society has given her.

Gender Critical Feminists believe that “woman” (XX chromosomes, womb, ovaries, and a vagina) and “man” (XY chromosomes, testicles, and a penis) are biological definitions and that any ideas of socially constructed gender are irrelevant and oppressive. They see no reason to identify with nor conform to such gender constructions. Gender Critical Feminists tend to think of themselves as a Woman. That is, not as a constructed gender, but as an individual person in a female body.

To me, this makes a lot of sense. Because aren’t the very concepts of gender expression that trans folks try to adhere to nothing but conservative and old-fashioned stereotypes of what it means to be a girl or a boy? Which, of course, they must maintain, or else their entire house of cards could collapse.

Further, there is no evidence to suggest that so-called TERFS hold any animosity towards trans women. As a matter of fact, many Gender Critical Feminists actually advocate for trans women to have their own safe spaces.

However, they do not believe that a trans woman should have the right to access biological female-only spaces such as showers, locker rooms, restrooms, etc.

On the other hand, according to the TITS, there is no such thing as a biological woman. Because, they say, women are not defined by their bodies or society's so-called social and cultural constructions.

Their philosophy is basically that if a dude goes all Shania Twain and says, Man! I feel like a woman, then Fabulkazaam he’s a woman.

Now all biological women, including teenagers and young girls, must allow the newly made chick with a swinging dick to shower with them naked at the gym, or else they’ll be accused of bigotry à la J.K. Rowling.

Seriously, that’s the only qualification these TITS require for womanhood? Well, to quote Ms. Twain again, That Don’t Impress Me Much.

So, if being a woman is not biological, and if to be a woman one doesn’t require a womb, a vagina, breasts, and other clear female indicators that nobody has had a problem recognizing for the past two hundred thousand years, and womanhood is nothing but a social construction, then where exactly does the innate female exist in the transgender woman?

And if it did exist, according to their philosophy, wouldn’t that make them, penises and all, the only naturally-born women in the world? Which is wonderfully ironic, don’t you think?

Perhaps it is all in the mind, or, as the medical profession describes it, a mental illness called Gender Dysphoria?

Which, as a reminder, up to 90% of diagnosed children will grow out of if left alone. Instead, they’ll likely grow up to be healthy and homosexual, according to the World Professional Association for Transgender Health.

There have always been feminine boys and masculine girls, and many are gay or lesbian, and so what?

Why are these children actively encouraged by the TITS to supposedly change sex instead of being encouraged to be their beautiful unmutilated selves?

Especially as, for the vast majority of them, going trans is nothing but an extreme case of puritanical and old-fashioned gay conversion therapy of the kind we find in The Islamic Republic of Iran.  

One of the main issues is that these TITS who espouse woke points of view while hating women and pushing gay-conversion procedures onto children have no center of morality.

They draw upon no religious nor secular theory of right from wrong to give a foundation to their ideology, nor the holier-than-thou righteousness; they claim to possess.

This is why it is always the biggest virtue signalers who are the most abusive. And the ones who display their pronouns online while waving their flags in one’s face are, without fail, the loudest crybullies. They are the most vicious, with the sickest minds, the ones who threaten physical harm and justify it all in the name of “social justice.”

They are, to put it mildly, total assholes.

But it makes sense. Going back to the Marxist origins of anything soaked in the cult of woke ideology allows the TITS to use violence to overthrow their perceived oppressor. Or, more specifically, to threaten biological women like the abusive cos-playing men that many seem to be.

The big problem is that any dissent from their point of view, e.g., posting facts online, posting links, or sharing articles that go against their insane dogma is erroneously labeled “violence” to accrue a measure of unwarranted sympathy.

However, it is clearly nothing of the sort, this so-called “violence” is nothing in fact but constitutionally protected free speech, and it is the jealous TITS who make diabolical threats of actual violence.

This behavior is always completely immoral if all other peaceful avenues have not been explored first, i.e., while a forum for open and free dialogue remains open, which it technically does. However, that forum has been hijacked.

How can those other avenues be explored if there is a curtailment on the free speech of whom the TITS disagree with?

Restricting the inalienable right to free speech is achieved by preemptive censorship via cancel culture—including the de-platforming of those who dare dissent against the dogma of the week, violently protesting philosophical opposition, and the shutting down of expert speaking engagements at campuses. Along with, getting people they don’t like in the media fired, etc.

Or, far more disconcerting, like Rowling’s “pipe bomb” above, are the genuine threats to kill, rape, and maim those who disagree with their indefensible ideas.

Which, in their Orwellian devil’s tongue, is what woke cultists and the TITS alike call “consequences.”

Here’s just one handful of disturbing “consequences” tweeted at Gender Critical Feminists by TITS:

“i want to rape a terf to death then chop its body into pieces and leave them for the crows — Same” TS Sippy Cat @RealSeinfeld

“I will fuck up a terf on sight. These bitches are still stuck on that second wave feminism” an idiot sandwich @_candyc0rn_

“frien dly reminde r, if youre a terf im going to slice your throat actually I Will run a knife through you and Sever your spinal cord uwu” follow @iowempathy @joestvrs

“same bitch. was literally just asking myself why i haven’t killed a terf/swerf/rape apologist yet.” @sadfeministhoe

“Also, if you’re a TERF, you can get fucked with the business end of the barbed-wire wrapped baseball bat.” Jean @unboundme13

It makes for a frightening and disgusting read but also makes one wonder why these assholes are given the time of day, let alone treated like poor little victims, by social justice warriors?

Don’t think this is only smack-talking, by the way.

Any idea where/if this is happening. I wanna fuck some terfs up, they are no better than fash

Tara Flik Wood, aka Tara Wolf, posted the above to social media before going to one of my favorite places in the world, the historic Speakers Corner in London, England, to protest a feminist gathering in 2017 with a crowd holding signs saying, “Kill all TERFS” (incitement to violence) and, “No Debate” (deplatforming/cancel culture).

Wood/Wolf/Whatever—any which way, he was physically a young man, started punching Maria MacLachlan, a 60-year-old lady with osteoporosis, until she went down toward the ground when others joined in, also punching her.

MacLachlan, a Humanist and Feminist, told FeministCurrent dotcom that she was “utterly bewildered at the behavior of these young people,” explaining that,

they behaved like a brainwashed cult and seriously seemed to think that we are the haters, the bigots, the misogynists, the violent ones. But all we wanted to do was have a peaceful meeting and discussion and all they wanted to do was try to bully and intimidate us. They behaved like fascists and the irony seems to be totally lost on them.

Wood was found guilty in a court of the violent crime of “assault and beating” the senior woman.

Fortunately, Wood couldn’t punch his way out of a wet paper bag and the injury to MacLachlan was not too serious. A fine was imposed, but it also means that Wood can never work in a school or care setting and has even had travel restrictions imposed, for example, never being allowed to enter the United States. Hooray!

Finally, the same night after court, and quite clearly not sorry for his actions, Wood changed his Facebook name to:

Tara The TERF Slayer

So not cool dude.

Q: So, why are the TITS so Angry?
A: Because they can’t Get no Loving?

I‘ve likely met and spent time speaking with more trans people than many folks ever will. Everyone is different; I liked some more than others. Which, as one would expect, is pretty much the same as everyone else I meet. However, trans women especially seem particularly miserable, prone to exploitation by predatory fetishists, and not exactly lacking in suicidal tendencies.

One time a trans woman (for the sake of privacy, let’s say, Emma) told me how isolated she was and how; “nobody wants to be with someone like me.”

I thought to myself, yeah, that’s so sad, but you like boys. Your shoulders are pretty wide, your hips are too narrow, your jaw is quite square, and you really don’t look like a girl so much as a member of Mötley Crüe from the eighties.

The bottom line is, like almost all trans women, Emma didn’t look like a biological woman but a man doing a caricature of a woman.

So, what heterosexual man would want to be with her?

Well, as it turns out, the answer is not too many.

An article on Transgender Exclusion from the World of Dating published in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships in July 2019 asked participants to select who they would consider dating from a choice of heterosexual men and women, trans men and women, and genderqueer men and women.

Only 1.8% of heterosexual women (0.9% of US adults), 3.3% of heterosexual men (1.5% of US adults), 11.5% of gay men (0.2% of US adults), 28.8% of lesbian women (0.2% of US adults) and, 51.7% of bisexual, queer and non-binary people (1.6% of US adults) indicated they would consider dating a transgender person. *

Compare these numbers to a survey of trans people conducted by the National Center for Transgender Equality, which demonstrates that about 25% of trans men and women consider themselves heterosexual, with the rest being bisexual, gay/lesbian, or queer.

The problem for transgender people should be very apparent. The pool of potential partners is relatively tiny.

Also, trans women who have only had breast implants are often fetishized by men with gynandromorphophilia, i.e., the attraction to people with a combination of male and female body parts—these are the kind of nominally heterosexual guys who enjoy sneaky trips to Thailand to partake in a bit of Ladyboy action.

According to an article on gynandromorphophilic men in the journal, Psychological Medicine it turns out that about 42% of these gentlemen are actually bisexual. And about the same number have autogynephilia, which is when a man is sexually aroused by the thought of himself as a female.

Another interesting quirk of TITS life is that it is apparently fine for a trans person to present a sexual preference for biological men or women. However, the most radical TITS will not allow a heterosexual person or even a homosexual person to do the same.

If a straight man doesn’t want to have sex with someone who says they are a woman but is actually packing heat in their pants, he’ll be called transphobic. It’s the same with a lesbian who doesn’t want to be with a trans woman in the same circumstances. Or a gay man (or a straight woman) who isn’t interested in a trans man.

In the minds of these TITS, a person must ignore the evidence of their own eyes, along with all objective reality, and pretend the trans person is what they say they are. Otherwise, one will be forever accused of denying a trans person’s existence as a human being, or some other equally theatrical nonsense.

It is pure insanity. Sexuality is real.

It doesn’t matter as a man, for example, if one is on permanent pussy patrol or grooving with the gayness. One likes what one likes.

To demonstrate this point, the writer, comedian, and television host, Stephen Fry hilariously quipped;

As I was being born, I looked up at my mother and said, 'that's the last time I'm going up one of those.’

None of it should matter, and none of it is a choice; it is what it is and who cares?

The TITS care. They don’t want to accept attraction to physical sex as a real phenomenon. Do they wish to force society to create a larger pool to swim in?

Author, journalist, commentator, and fellow Substack writer, Andrew Sullivan, published the following on February 1, 2019, in New York Magazine. It demonstrates the very real concern that not just the concept of women but also gay men are being actively threatened by the philosophy of TITS.

If the concept of a man is deconstructed, so that someone without a penis is a man, then homosexuality itself is deconstructed … transgenderist ideology — including postmodern conceptions of sex and gender — is indeed a threat to homosexuality, because it is a threat to biological sex as a concept.

There is a World of Common Sense Reality

A man couldn’t hide his arousal, or lack thereof, even if he wanted to. It can be measured scientifically by penile plethysmography (PPG), which essentially measures blood flow to the penis during visual stimulation and sexual cues.

You can dress someone up any way you like, but to totally reverse and inverse, Mr. Fry’s earlier words, a dude either desires to jump on a D, or he doesn’t.

The TITS want us to pretend otherwise. But sexuality isn’t pretend.

It’s also pretty clear that the history of our species, and plain common sense, points us directly toward the truth: We like what we like.

The TITS are distracting for sure.

However, it wouldn’t take much to stop the mind rot from spreading. It really just requires big media to empower the silent majority in the trans world to show the moderate side of their story. Will and Grace did something for the gay community, I believe? Right now, low information makes it seem like 100% of trans people are crazy one hundred.

It’s not good optics.

Finally, it seems obvious that as trans people continue to attempt suicide at a rate of 40% and it doesn’t make any difference if they have had surgery or not, their problems are clearly not being fixed through extreme body modifications.

Getting surgery can’t fix the problem of feeling unloved or unhappy, or displaced.

It can’t force a crush to want you too.

Ultimately, this is a mental health issue that needs to be addressed, and attempting to get everyone else to accommodate an extreme minority rather than just letting people find their own way through kindness is helping nobody but the so-called allies virtue-signaling each other over avocado toast.

In the meantime, as the chasm between people living in objective reality and those living out fantasies continues to widen, I remain despondent about the future. But, somewhere deep down, I still hang with some hope. Molloy

*Note: The population percentages have been extrapolated from a 2021 Gallup Polling of sexual identity, and all figures have been rounded to the nearest one decimal place.