A Wise Old White Man Said…

Nothing: Ageism, Racism, and Sexism against them is #Woke

Children should be taught. And their worthless opinions ignored

When you’ve hit the ground hard and want to give up, when you want to do nothing but sit in sweatpants and eat ice cream, or drink beer, watch tv or play video games, or whatever the feckity-feck it is that you do when you run out of steam and need to tell the world to bugger-off—to who do you turn?

Do you go to someone for advice that has been through the grinder themselves but has always gotten up and kept going onwards and upwards? Or, to understand the dynamics of family, work, society, and the different responsibilities of life, do you receive counsel from a child?

Personally, I have to laugh at these kids who aren’t there yet but try to tell me how to live.

Let’s face it; they’re barely done pooping their pants. Their brains won’t finish developing until their mid-twenties. And the only James Bond they’ve ever known is Daniel Craig, for heaven’s sake. Perhaps one in a million is gifted enough to tell me something with genuine and original insight—but probably not.

So, should one kowtow to the witless bleating of Greta Thunberg?

No, of course not, how utterly absurd—you’ve already been a child. And we need to take advice from people that have something to offer. We go to a person who has experience and wisdom beyond the vapid concerns of children and ill-informed youth.

Because, if you don’t, you’re a fecking eejit.

When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things.

1 Corinthians 13:11, King James Bible

Although I eventually fixed the situation by taking a long way round and graduating in engineering, I was invited to leave High School and not return for my final year when I was sixteen years old.

I had been in a weird place, failing across the board, getting into trouble, and generally losing interest in everything.

I clearly remember going home to my parents’ house and sitting in their tiny backyard.

A massive dark void opened up in front of me—a sickening, gut-wrenching emptiness. For the first time in my life, without school as my touchstone, I had absolutely no idea what the future would bring: no plans, no direction, just a big hole where certainty had naively been living.

It was at that moment that I went through a shift in my understanding of the world. I experienced a psychological death and put away my child’s mind to become a young man.

Realizing that the world is no longer all planned out in advance and that you’ll have to quickly figure out what you are going to do, and take responsibility for it, is very scary.

When you see nothing but a void in the future, you have to decide how to fill it. But with what?

It is important to note that one must never get lost in the void between being a child and becoming an adult. There is no way through the dark to the other side—one has to leave the navel-gazing and introspection behind—the light at the end of the tunnel is also the entrance.

This could be the most crucial passage in a person’s life. The moment that the phoenix rises. And once that occurs, no matter what, not only do you now have agency, but you only have one life to live.

Unfortunately, however, it appears that many of those who proclaim their woke credentials have never truly been through this phase of life and are living in a state of arrested development—their child mind still dominant.

History is a relevant, powerful, teachable tool

If you are familiar with my work, you may have noticed that I usually try to give a long historical perspective on whatever issue I am addressing. I think this is because it is necessary to crawl out from one’s ass and understand that the world didn’t begin upon y’all falling from the womb.

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.

Philosopher and writer George Santayana’s famous words have often been repeated and even misattributed to Sir Winston Churchill after he messed with the language. However, what insane nightmare do we find ourselves in when today’s youth, innocently indoctrinated on college campuses, not only forget the past but refuse to acknowledge its reality?

In postmodern Critical Theory, which, as a social contagion of the mind, has spread faster and more insidiously than Covid-19, there is no objectivity, and there are no facts. There are only subjective narratives in which all politics, laws, doctrines, and social structures exist to enshrine power.

Today, Critical Theory is a fancy re-emergence of Marxism and very little more. It focuses only on power and claims the goal is human emancipation from all forms of slavery. Of course, the history-shy fools pushing it appear blissfully unaware that the 20th Century proved Marxist ideology might be a cute idea, but, in practice, can only be maintained by brute force and murder.

And, of course, let’s not forget it also requires the shutting down of all debate, the canceling of free speech, and the implementation of uniformity of thought without consent.

Does that sound familiar? #Woke?

Living History

Those who have grown up with humankind’s knowledge of the universe in the palm of their hand do not appreciate what it is like not to have instant information. They are entitled know-it-alls; however, they have done nothing to earn their opinions through deep learning or long-lived experience.

They have no idea what it was like to break out on one’s own into an unknown world of discovery without support groups online or reviews as a guide. Those of Generation X or older, typically with nothing but libraries of decades-old books, were partially blind and walking in the dark without a flashlight—taking bumps and toughening up their minds throughout their journey.

In contrast, Millennials and Generation Z have every move mapped out to the millimeter. They live in a world of artificial certainty. Their world has less risk-taking, avoids debate, and requires safe spaces to evade conflict. Essentially, they refuse to allow their nonsense to be tempered by putting it to the test.

They think it’s “woke” to keep boxing people into smaller and smaller identities until they can’t breathe and to build bullshit barriers of faux identity between friends.

These manufactured cultural identities, however, are minority interests of the mind. The concepts are dull, filler, something to say when one can’t identify the true self amidst the rubble; when everyone has all the answers at their fingertips, but very few have put in the time to understand the questions.

Their nonsense is a religion, nothing more—replete with ritual and dogma. I know this because I have the maturity, experience, knowledge, and strength to recognize a bullshit cult when I see it.

Hopefully, many of you have too.

Dissing one’s elders is so woke

Machine Gun Kelly, 31, may think he is the bee’s knees because he’s banging Megan Fox. However, he was surgically outboxed in 2018 when he decided to go after the G.O.A.T on the diss track, Rap Devil, with multiple references to Eminem’s age.

Eminem/Slim Shady/Marshall Mathers, 48, eviscerated MGK bar by bar with his response, Killshot. It was a masterclass in lyrical manslaughter and a reminder of why it’s always a good idea to respect one’s elders. The following line on the track stood out, summing up the experience and putting MGK forever in his place.

Younger me? No, you’re the wack me, it’s funny but so true. I’d rather be 80-year-old me than 20-year-old you.

Damn straight.

Old White Men

Unfortunately, to get an idea of what is trending, I have to spend quite a bit of time on social media, which I consider to be the digital equivalent of coughing up Covid into someone’s face. It is the way the contagion of Woke idiocy, along with Cult45 garbage, spreads. [The vaccination, by the way, is to take the apps off the phone and stick to only using a desk or laptop.]

So, although everyone is guilty, it is with the so-called tolerant leftist cockwombles, however, that I am the most disappointed.

One of the most common trends I have noted is that when an older person of some stature speaks, especially if they are White and male, everything they have to say will invariably be dismissed. This is not for lack of merit but because of an Ad Hominem attack on the commentator for being an “old White man.”

This casual ageist, racist and sexist discrimination is acceptable with the woke.

On the other hand, if one were to dismiss the ideas of a middle-aged Black woman based exclusively on the fact that she was middle-aged, Black, and a woman, the purple-haired brigade would be holding aloft banners proclaiming the various ‘isms’ and attempting to get the so-called perpetrator fired from his job.

This makes the hypocrisy of these idiots about as strong as their arguments are weak.

Wah... You attack people for being young all the time

No. I have never said anything against Millennials or Generation Z because of their youth per se, but because of their relative lack of experience, education, maturity, and contextual knowledge of life compared to their ridiculous arrogance and sense of entitlement.

Further, in the case of today's youth, they are doing nothing new. They are repackaging Marxist philosophy but believe their ideas are fresh. So, please, give me a break.

Also, what these people want does not exist. Equal outcomes? Equity? There is no such thing as a perfect world of equality. And there never will be because people are not equal.

Some are taller, prettier, have better hair, or they're stronger, smarter, funnier, better at sports, born richer, or sexier, perhaps have an eidetic memory, have more good fortune, or are more talented at any number of skills, etc., etc.

And humans thrive on competition. This means, while the best of the best competes for the big prizes, like bragging rights to be first in space, for example, everyone eventually benefits from the advances in technology. There will always be winners and losers, sheep and shepherds, those who will do whatever it takes to get what they want, and those who will sit back and take what they are given.

All society can do is give everyone a fair shot at exploiting their natural talents by equality of opportunity. There will never be equity of outcome, and that is a nightmarish idea that creates Orwellian control anyway, so why would anyone ever want that?

To the children (and their enablers) who don't get it, I say, learn your history, pay attention to those older and wiser than you, and accept that life isn't fair.

So, stop whining and get on with it. Molloy